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We offer a wide range of impersonators from from individual bookings to full shows with a celebrity impersonator cast! Give us a call for details!
For Pricing and Info Call (281) 412-5200

Houston Area Celebrity Impersonators - Incredible Events Houston
Above photos are Houston and Dallas Impersonators

Whoopie Goldberg Impersonator Captain Jack Impersonator
Johnny Depp
Kramer from Seinfield Impersonator Fran Drescher Impersonator
Fran Drescher
Robin Williams Impersonator
Samuel L Jackson Impersonator
Robin Williams
Samuel L Jackson
Sylvester Stallone Impersonator Elizabeth Taylor Impersonator
Sylvester Stallone
Elizabeth Taylor
Bruce Willis Impersonator Lucille Ball Impersonator
Bruce Willis
Lucille Ball
Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus Impersonator
Elton John Impersonator
Miley Cyrus
Elton John
Reba McIntyre Impersonators Janet Jackson Impersonator
Reba McIntyre
Janet Jackson
Alice Cooper Impersonators Madonna Impersonators
Alice Cooper
Ozzy Osbourne Impersonator Gene Simmins / Kiss Impersonators
Ozzy Osbourne
Willie Nelson Impersonators Marvin Gaye Impersonators
Willie Nelson
Marvin Gaye
Blues Brothers Impersonators
The Blues Bros.
Barbra Streisand Impersonator Frank Sinatra Impersonator
Barbra Streisand
Frank Sinatra
Michael Jackson Impersonators Prince Impersonator
Michael Jackson
Elvis Impersonators Jerry Lee Lewis Impersonator
Jerry Lee Lewis
Charlie Chaplain Impersonators Marilyn Monroe Impersonators
Charlie Chaplain
Marilyn Monroe
Austin Powers Impersonators
Austin Powers
Groucho Marx
Napoleon Dynamite Impersonator
Napoleon Dynamite
The Mask
Joan Rivers Impersonators
Joan Rivers
George Bush Impersonator Bill Clinton Impersonator
Bill and Hillary Clinton Impersonators Al Gore Impersonator
The Clintons
Al Gore

Hope as Miley Cyrus Impersonator
(Local Impersonator)

Houston's very own Miley Cyrus played by Hope! A 45 minute Miley Cyrus show may include some of the following:

- Mini make-overs
- Photos (group and individual) using parent's camera
- Autographs
- Happy birthday and cake cutting (optional per parents)
- Friendship gift for all children
- Special gift for the birthday girl or boy
- 4 to 6 songs (sing-a-long and concert sytle) and teaching all the steps to "The Hoedown Throwdown".

Houston Miley Cyrus Impersonator
Houston Frank Sinatra Impersonator

Wayne as Frank Sinatra
(National Impersonator)

Wayne actually sings and performs Sinatra's own music live! His tributes to Frank Sinatra will bring you back to the golden days of smoke filled clubs when dinner jackets were required and cocktails flowed abundantly.

Dee Dee as Joan Rivers
(National Impersonator)

Dee Dee has been professionally performing since 1989. Her versatility and ability to engage her audience in comic repartee have been instrumental in the dramatic growth of her career and has resulted in bookings throughout the United States with more and more requests for encore performances!

Alice Cooper Impersonator Houston

Paul as Alice Cooper
(Local Impersonator)

Paul totally transforms into the very persona that is Alice Cooper! "Its not enough just to paint your face and sing the songs - You have to become the character." He brings the complete show with all the thrills and excitement of the Alice Cooper Experience! The Props! The Music performed in it's true original hard rocking form! For Private Parties, Special Events, Clubs, etc. This show can be tailored to your needs and venue size!

Bettina as Whoopie Goldberg
(Local Impersonator)

Bettina has appeared on such TV shows as The Rachel Ray Show, The Maury Povich Show, VIBE hosted by Sinbad; the movie "Bamboo Shark"; and also featured in The Food Network Magazine, People Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, JET Magazine; published in "Double Take" by Devon Cass, "Made You Look" by Denise Bella Viasis, published by Trillennium Books; comedian emcee and opening act for such artists as KC & The Sunshine Band and jazz musician Boney James.

Whoopie Goldberg Impersonator Houston
Prince Impersonator

Alex as Prince
(National Impersonator)

Alex loves to listening to his music, acting and recreating Prince incredible outfits. He has studied Dance at Beija Flor Samba School. He also danced and acted in many Theather shows. He has taken jazz dance and acting classes to master the art of mannerisms. He has been featured on Fox News, CBS News, Country Music Television (Special about Celebrity Impersonators), and NBC - The Conan O'Brian Show.

Melody as Lucille Ball
(National Impersonator)

Winner of the 2002 Cloney Award for Best Impersonation of A Female Broadcast Media Legend at the annual Celebrity Impersonators Convention, Melody is truly a "dead ringer" for the beloved Comedian. This professional actress, stand up comic, and comedy writer uses all her talents to create the beloved characters of Lucille Ball.

Jerry Lee Lewis Impersonator

Wayne as Jerry Lee Lewis
(National Impersonator)

His performance as Jerry Lee Lewis is electrifying and his Doo-Wop songs will make you want to put on your rolled up blue jeans with white crew neck t-shirt or slip into your rhinestone eyed poodle skirt.

Cindy as Barbra Streisand
(National Impersonator)

Although a Texas native, Cindy speaks with a New York Jewish accent while performing on stage as Barbara Streisand. Because of her uncanny likeness to Streisands' own singing voice, Cindy has been approached by countless audience members complimenting her but "mistakenly so" on her remarkable lip,syncing abilities. Cindy has an impressive song list that utilizes her range well, complimenting her powerful six octave range and amazing breath control is a tailor made wardrobe of Barbra attire.