The Survivor Show
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We have conveniently set up themed categories to showcase our item selections together!

Ready to get wild? 
Great Comedy. An opportunity for Teambuilding and the Discovery of your guests' secret hidden talents!

Jungle Jack and Safari Sam are your Australian hosts as your guests prepare for the ultimate evening. The contestants are pitted against each other (or as teams) in exciting games such as these:

What's that in my Mouth?

Decoding the Message in the Bottle

The Tribal Dance

Coconut Bowling

 Chopsticks Eating Contest

Spear Relay

The Tapioca Challenge

The Tribal Flute

Jungle Jack getting ready for the show


The Tapioca Eating Contest

The Chopstick Rice Relay

What's in My Mouth? Looks like lotus....

The Tribal Dance Contest

Britney "Spears"